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Productivity Tools We Love

The month of May has been a busy month at DCGWS. We’ve recently started using two new productivity tools; Asana for project management and collaboration and Wave Small Business Software for our financial management.

We are thrilled with the changes these productivity tools have brought to DCGWS and would like to give them a review.


Asana Productivity Tools
This is what Asana says about Asana:

To take the next step in human productivity, we need a fresh start. We created Asana to help take that step; to improve the productivity of individuals and groups, to increase the potential output of every team’s effort.

Here’s what we here at DCGWS have to say about Asana.


Asana has rescued DCGWS from paperwork hell. I think we spent 8-10 hrs per month just printing out all of the forms and schedules needed to run this company every month. This has made us more productive, effecient, and more quality oriented. I absolutely love these productivity tools.

Geddy, Sr. Graphics Designer:

This is the first time that I’ve heard, seen and used Asana. I was very curious if this will work or not. At first, it was difficult to understand because it’s really “new” to me, but as weeks passed by I think Asana has become like the Facebook for employees because it is all-in-one. You can post, assign, comment, update and even like and tag a project or task.

Angela, Programming Manager:

Asana makes work a lot easier. It helps me organize my tasks and helps me identify those things that I haven’t done yet. It’s like a personal secretary.

Fred, Sr. Web Developer:

Asana is a good project management tool that provides neat and real-time updates for every person involved in a project.

Angelo, Sr. Account Manager:

Asana is one of those tools a company having hundreds of different projects and clients should have. It’s a project management tool that’s so easy to use and with so many features that make your work easier.

Cristal, Accounts Executive:

Asana is really an effective tool for organizing tasks and through this; you can easily determine all priority task for the day. Aside from this, it also gives a heads up for upcoming tasks.

Reynelia, Executive Assistant:

We’ve been using many methods to simplify the workflow of our company and to improve our productivity, and I think Asana is the best method we have come up because everything is there. You can also communicate not only with your officemates but even the clients about the updates or your tasks.

Here’s a cool tutorial that shows just how amazing Asana is.

Asana was founded by Dustin Moskovitz, one of the founders of Facebook, so we really expect great things to happen with them. This is Freemium software, meaning you get a limited version (30 team members) for free, but can upgrade to Asana Premium to get more team members. So far we haven’t found a need to upgrade, but hopefully in time we’ll outgrow the free version.

All things considered, these are really great productivity tools that has helped us enormously. Thanks, Asana!


Wave Accounting Productivity Tools
Wave Small Business Software is a set of great online productivity tools that our administrative team uses to keep track of our books.

The features we most love are:

  • Estimates – in our business, we get tons of requests for quotations. With no system in place, this can be very time consuming and takes aways from productivity. Quotes are what brings us new projects, so it has to be done. With Wave, this becomes a fast and painless process that takes only minutes to accomplish. We also love that if a client approves a quote, we can instantly and effortlessly convert it to an invoice and send it to our client for payment. It’s that easy!
  • Invoices – this is the bread and butter of a company. You must send invoice to clients in order to be paid. Wave makes this quick and easy. With several invoice styles, you can also customize your invoices with your company logo. And it’s free!
  • Bills – paying bills can hardly be described as fun. No one likes it, right? But with Wave, setting up and recording paid bills is a snap. In the US and Canada, you can actually pay your bills through Wave. Hopefully, this will soon come to the Philippines.
  • Dashboard – once you login to Wave, you see an immediate overview of your finance. How much is owed to you, when it’s owed, how much you own and when it should be paid. Works wonders for detecting cash flow issues.

Check out this video from the makers of Wave to see if it can help you, too. We love it.

Why do these productivity tools work?

We love building websites, mobile apps, awesome graphics and state of the art videos. These productivity tools help us to do all of these better, faster and more effeciently. Want to find out for yourself? Request a quote for services today!

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