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How to Avoid the Pitfalls That Lead to Startup Failure

My wife and I founded DCGWS back in 2007, with zero budget and an old, run-down PC sitting in the corner of our studio apartment. I would spend all day creating freelance profiles and bidding for projects on websites like GetAFreelancer and WebDesigner123, and spend all night studying HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Oh, those were the days and I sometimes remember them and start to feel nostalgic and think I miss those days. Stakes were low, risk was low, and yes, the rewards were low. But, I felt on top of the world back then as the one-man show that got it all done – and that’s how things were until February 2012.

Today, things are quite different. In less than 2 years, my one-man show has somehow ballooned into a company of 15 employees. How did that happen, you ask?

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Productivity Tools We Love

The month of May has been a busy month at DCGWS. We’ve recently started using two new productivity tools; Asana for project management and collaboration and Wave Small Business Software for our financial management.

We are thrilled with the changes these productivity tools have brought to DCGWS and would like to give them a review.

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3 Tips to Overcome Overwhelming Work

When we face problem and challenges at work, we tend to get overwhelmed easily. How are you getting? I know sometimes you fizzle out because of overwhelming responsibilities and problems in the office. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed because we are not supermen and superwomen.

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Choosing the Right Web Developer

Your website project is not an easy thing to do. You might find it simple but there are functionalities that you may want to put in. A simple widget may take intense programming. A slider may need a perfect image sizing. And there’s a lot more.

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