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3 Tips to Overcome Overwhelming Work

When we face problem and challenges at work, we tend to get overwhelmed easily. How are you getting? I know sometimes you fizzle out because of overwhelming responsibilities and problems in the office. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed because we are not supermen and superwomen.

How can we overcome these challenges at work instead of being overwhelmed? Here are a few pointers.

1. Look at your problem in different perspective.

If you look closely at the problem, it will really grow. Compare it to the burdens of the world and you suddenly think that there are bigger problems out there.  Better yet, look at your problem in the light how big and powerful God is. And you will convince that your problem is really nothing looking up and put your problem in perspective.

2. Acknowledge that you are overwhelmed, recognize your limits, and plunge into the trust zone.

There are also events that the work is really frustrating. You see there are many things that are beyond our control but they are never beyond God’s control. So channel your feeling of being overwhelmed to full trust and surrender to God. Plunge into the trust zone.

3. Load your mind with God’s promises.

Load your mind with God’s promises daily that will ward off your worries and anxieties. If you are in trouble and you need help, read Psalm 46:1, “God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” God’s promises are true and His promises are powerful. But you can only claim them if you know them. So load you mind with God’s promises every day.

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  1. Nice advice Dave. Don’t ever forget, work is just work. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. I try to do the best I can each day, and if I’ve done that, no one should complain.

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