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Keep Calm and Doodle

I always love to draw or sketch ever since I was a kid. My love for arts never fade or go away, because of it I became a musician, photography enthusiast and now a graphics artist….. I think so. I always call myself a “wannabe graphic artist” or “graphic artist by heart” mainly because I don’t have any background knowledge or methods when it comes to creating art. I just do what I want to do. I sucked at Traditional way of drawing, the only thing that I use in sketching is a pencil and for coloring I can only use crayons (Please don’t laugh XD). For Digital Arts, like vectors, doodles and photo manipulations, the only software that I’m comfortable using is Photoshop. Even though this limitations that I have, I still continue to become a better graphic artist because I know that I can.

These days, Digital arts can be learned just by watching videos and reading blogs and don’t forget PRACTICE,PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!. That’s how I learn to do vectors and digital sketches and that’s what keeps me from doing it and expanding it. You can also find websites where you can share your artworks to everyone. To keep me inspired I liked to browse artworks of very talented artists on and There’s a ton of marvelous Filipino artists on that sites that really stand out in Digital Arts like Digital Painting, Vector and Vexel, Photo Manipulations and Doodles. All I can say is that Arts is everywhere, you see it, hear it, wear it, feel it and taste it. I love everything about it…..period, no arguments allowed .

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