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DCGWS: Built by Inspiration, Driven by Passion

By Cris Santos

Let me share you a story; a story that started in a small office cubicle.

One thing I love about this company is that its got a heart for making dreams a reality. I was into movies, doing small films, making funny posters, doing nothing but funny stuffs over the internet. I have no idea that it is something that can build a good future, until I met David.

December 2006 – Beginning to build his dream…

He was a computer programmer. That’s what I thought at first. Until I realize that he works at home 16-hours a day studying codes, like a surgeon trying to study the anatomy of a website. His daughter, Angela, whom we should expect to be reading fashion magazines or something like that, there, doing PHP programming! Whoa! And Angelo, thought to be browsing MySpace or Friendster…studying Search Engine Optimization. And hey! Those were the days that DCGWS is like a baby company where Paulyn, David’s wife, working on some paper works. Now we get to realize that DCGWS is a family business. Small business.

David is a kind of guy that you could easily get along with. He’s got humor and he can relate well with anything. (Just don’t disturb him if he’s wired in) And the best of all, we have something in common: I am having fun “playing” around the internet too!

We had a dream to have a company capable of playing head-to-head with stronger competitors. We want to prove that by hardwork and dedication, everything is possible.

I started doing small projects editing images, making banners, creating logos while David code it in through HTML. We met a lot of challenges, hard times and a lot of trials. But with David’s leadership, we always see a lighter path. His motivational quote: “We will get through it, TOGETHER.

It was very far from what we are doing now and I didn’t expect that it will reach this level. Along the way, we begin to realize that things are becoming bigger and wider by just doing what we love doing…and that strengthens the foundations of this company.

We’ve met a lot of clients, reaching out to different countries and dealing with a lot of challenges and no matter how broad or complex a project is, the moment we hear a heartwarming “thank you” from one of our clients, it brings a good feeling! It was amazing!

So it goes on and on, we had new members, new friends, new skills, new talents, dynamic people who are dedicating themselves to what they love doing. Learning new aspects as internet change its course from something that is only for advertising into the most important media of this age where everything is a reality.

We are happy to see our projects expand and goes a long way ahead making sales, driving traffic, adapting to new designs, new features, everything, because with DCGWS, every new project is like a baby. We feed them, we play with them, we take care of them and watch them grow.

If you keep doing the right things over and over again, you’re sure to succeed. — David R. Davis Jr.

Now, still growing, DCGWS is on its way taking a big leap in the internet industry. Making its way to a growing environment, embracing the scope of building better business and dedicated to building more realities.

After 5 years, I am now handling Operations. Working hand-in-hand with my fellow employees catching up with our priorities, dealing with new challenges and having fun! Because in this environment, every single task accomplished is a goal towards winning and that’s why I love DCGWS. Because it was such a wonderful story… a story that begins in a small office cubicle.

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