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Digital Art is The New Black

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia art.

Digital art itself is placed under the larger umbrella term new media art. With the power of social media and internet, different types of Digital art can be learnt through blogs, video tutorials and e-books. Aside from online lessons, there are also many available tools in the market that can help you create amazing designs. The most popular software that many artists are using are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

The impact of digital technology has transformed activities such as painting, drawing, sculpture and music/sound art, while new forms such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality have become recognized artistic practices. More generally the term digital artist is used to describe an artist who makes use of digital technologies to produce art. In an expanded sense, “digital art” is a term applied to contemporary art that uses the methods of mass production or digital media.

Vector/Vexel art, Typography, Photo Manipulation, Doodles and Digital Painting are the most popular types of Digital arts that can be seen in the internet. Websites like and Deviantart caters to many artists whether they are amateurs or professionals. They can post their portfolios, communicate with other artists, promote their artworks and even sell their artworks online by using those sites. Indeed the era of Digital Art is just starting and it will grow more and more and more and more and more…

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