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Designer’s Dilemma

A writer can write more stories but he’s not sure whether all of his novels or stories will become best sellers. A musician or a songwriter can create songs but not all of it will be classics. A painter can paint thousands of paintings but the percentage of his works to become a masterpiece is still unsure. In photography, a photographer’s first 10,000 pictures are his worst. A graphics artist can design more artworks but the possibility that all of his works will be approve by a client is still unsure. If you do this for a living what will you choose between “Quantity or Quality”? Some may think that it is quantity over quality but others think it is the other way. In my opinion I chose “Quality over quantity”.

Before I always think that “more is better” when it comes to creating vectors and designs. My routine was to finish one artwork per day, I thought it is the right way to build my portfolio, but then as I look at my portfolio, I have realized that most of my artworks looked like it was rushed. It maybe good on the first look but as you inspect closely you will see all the flaws.

Most of the vector artists that inspired me, also done the same style of work like me, they chose quantity over quality but as they grow and mature in their field, they started to change their way, instead of thinking of the quantity of their works they started to explore the quality of their work. And that way did not fail them. They may have few artworks to update their online sites or portfolio but as they finished one or a couple of designs or artworks, the results was 100% positive and full of praises from crtitics and other art lovers.

Even though it may take weeks, months or years to perfect an artwork as long as you pour yourself in it, squeeze all the creative juice in your brain and give all your blood, sweat and tears in making the result is so rewarding that you will think that you have just created a masterpiece every time you finished one of it.

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