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The Challenge

I began working at DCGWS as an Assistant Programmer.  Programming is both challenging and exciting for me, because I love challenges and I get excited when I am able figure out solutions for the problems I face while programming.

As an Assistant Programmer, one of my tasks is to convert a PSD file to an HTML file. In the process, I have to make sure that the HTML file converted from designed mock-up is ‘pixel perfect’.  Sometimes, this can be the problem because of the compatibility of the styling of the page to different browsers. This is due to the adoption of HTML and CSS of every browser is different.  On one browser, the page may look good, but on the other it’s messed up.  What I mean by messed up is the positioning of the divs and margins are not the same as what you want it to be.  So I have to use ‘if condition’ for every browser.

You just need to use a unique code that will indicate for each target on your page to get it fixed, for example the margin, padding, and position of the divs for your page.

Having the ability to use ‘if’ conditions for browsers is very convenient and important for every programmer, and I know that I need to learn more to improve myself.

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