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Over 5 million websites on the internet today are built on WordPress. Lucky for you, that’s our favorite platform.

Amazing scalability, WordPress can be easily extended to meet any special request you have.
SERPs. WordPress sites are often seen at the top of Google searches.
There is an almost endless supply of beautiful WordPress themes to match any style or niche.
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Blog posts about WordPress

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Last November, my wife Paulyn and I decided that we wanted to offer our pastor, Al Termulo of Continue reading

How to Avoid the Pitfalls That Lead to Startup Failure

My wife and I founded DCGWS back in 2007, with zero budget and an old, run-down PC sitting in the corner of our studio apartment. I would spend all day creating freelance profiles and bidding for projects on websites like GetAFreelancer and WebDesigner123, and spend all night studying… Continue reading

WordPress 3.6: Jazzed Up and Released into the Wild!

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Press it with WordPress!

HTML, PHP, jQuery, CSS and HTML- These are programming languages I usually use to create websites. But, when I started working at DCGWS they introduced me to world of WordPress development. WordPress is a free and open… Continue reading

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