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Hello HTML!

I’m a social media addict. I do Facebook, online games and lots of internet fun! When I first joined DCGWS, I started as an Office Assistant. I did clerical jobs and data encoding, but I was given an opportunity to try other things and I got myself in the challenging world of web programming.

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Running the RACE

Many of us like to run not just for health concerns, but also as part of our lifestyle. And some of us live it passionately, that’s why we join competitions such as marathons and thousand-meter dashes.

But in real life, we are all runners and it’s our goal to finish our race. Some of us are willing to do it, but some of us are afraid. Let me suggest a couple of thoughts to help us reach our goals in life.

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13 Tips to Recover from the Painful Penguin

Last April 24, 2012, Google released an improved version of the Panda Update to the Google algorithm. Its job:  to destroy those websites which are “over-optimized” with webspam techniques and shortcuts which make their sites rank higher than it should be. The Google Penguin update will not have any effect on those websites who do White Hat SEO, that almost only depend on their content because according to Google, content is the most important part of a website.

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