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WP Mobile Detector: You Should Uninstall It Now

WP Mobile Detector Plugin

Less than three days since we reported about Jetpack's gaping security hole, today we have learned about another WordPress plugin, WP Mobile Detector, that is being actively exploited. And unlike Jetpack, the developer appears to be MIA and the plugin has…

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Jetpack for WordPress: Why You Should Update Now

Jetpack For Wordpress

On May 27, Jetpack for WordPress announced that they were releasing a critical security update to their immensely popular plugin, which brings tons of features to Wordpress. According to, Jetpack is currently installed on over 1 million sites, with…

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The Age of Mobile Communications

iPhone 5 was just launched and it’s another leap forward for Apple and its developers. We have seen the patent battle between Apple and Samsung and somehow got excited about who is going to pay who? Well, it’s a different side of story. If you think about it very deeply, you will find gigantic mobile companies running the race in changing the world… through mobile communications.

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10 Important Takeaways from the Facebook IPO

Before I start my discussion on the Facebook IPO, I’d like to congratulate it’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his long-time girlfriend Priscila Chan on their wedding Saturday night.

Now, after months of waiting for one of the most anticipated initial public stock offerings ever, it’s finally over. Facebook is now a publicly traded stock, on Nasdaq. It was able to raise $16 billion, and is currently valued at $104 billion. Obscene figures, that’s for sure.

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