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By far the most popular of the server-side languages, nearly 80% of the web is powered by PHP. From the most complex applications to a simple script, we’ve got you covered.

Our database of choice is MySQL and it plays very nicely with our PHP powered applications.
We love OOP (Object Oriented Programming) that is scalable and extendable.
Blazing fast page load times with efficient, optimized programming
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Blog posts about Web Application Development

Press it with WordPress!

HTML, PHP, jQuery, CSS and HTML- These are programming languages I usually use to create websites. But, when I started working at DCGWS they introduced me to world of WordPress development. WordPress is a free and open… Continue reading

“This” Property and Understanding It

When a function is created, a keyword called “this” is created which links to the object in which the function operates. Said another way, this is available to the scope of its function, yet is a reference to the object of which that function is a property/method. The… Continue reading

4 Tips for Efficient Programming

Even though I have little experience, I would like to give some tips to those who are planning on becoming a software developer. Although I do not claim to have much programming wisdom or experience, but because these tips have always helped me, I’m going to share them to… Continue reading

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