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The original purpose of Tom Swift and His Amazing Productions, LLC, was to develop and produce content related to Financial Avengers, Inc.

Web Development
PSD to WordPress Conversion

It turns out that developing delightful, engaging and entertaining content related to the Ongoing Fight for Financial Freedom is difficult and challenging. But, they remain engaged in the task. Meanwhile, they continue to cut our teeth on smaller projects, learning the ropes as producers and developers.



Tom Swift is a playwright, producer, and financial planner. He currently serves as Captain of the Financial Avengers, a registered investment advisory firm that he co-founded with his side-kick, The Oracle. He wanted a high-quality WordPress website that could best represent his company. The team has decided to go through an intense website development that includes adding WordPress plug-ins that speak directly to the needs and desires of the readers of the site.


DCGWS started by converting their design (PSD) to WordPress then proceeded to custom programming, plug-in development, website maintenance, and server administration.


Tom Swift and His Amazing Productions looks a lot better to the visitors.

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