skip to Main Content provides social media consulting and social marketing strategies for mid-size and small businesses. Since 2004, it has been helping companies become social businesses.

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User Interface Design / User Experience Design
Search Engine Optimization sees social media customer engagement as not an end in itself but as a means to an end: increasing business’s bottom line. Since 2004, they have used social to deliver value and drive new business for mid-size companies and top brands — before anyone was calling it social media.



One of the earliest social media strategists JD Lasica, Founder of the, came to DCGWS with one goal in mind: to have a more developed site. DCGWS provided the development and programming of the client’s WordPress site, the utilization of WP plug-ins, the administration of the server and even the maintenance of the site itself.


DCGWS began the process by fully understanding the client’s needs. Gathering the requirements for the project and the proposed solutions was the next step the team took.

After gathering, the team first turned the client’s designs into working and fully functioned site. The development and addition of different plug-ins came while the team maintains the website.


Increased time on site and average page views.
Rebuilt ecommerce platform increases product interest and conversions.
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