Patio Florencia Resort is a perfect place for all kinds of events including wedding, debut, graduation party, and seminars.

Patio Florencia
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Aside from a having a beautiful place that is capable of accommodating hundreds of guests, Patio Florencia also offers catering services. If you acquire of their catering services, you’ll get an opportunity to taste test the foods to ensure your guests of quality tasting food.

Patio Florencia
Patio Florencia
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DCGWS Internet Solutions received a call from Atty. Mogpo asking for help for the creation and building of their website. The team then thoroughly assessed their requirements and suggested other features that they may need.


DCGWS Internet Solutions created a simple and outstanding design for their website interface. They also created an Online Inquiry form and a gallery where the resort can showcase all their past and successful events. The team made sure that the gallery will look attractive and easy to use. Additionally, they also made sure that the site administrator will be able to easily update the images and other contents in the site.


DCGWS Internet Solutions successfully launched Patio Florencia Resort’s website with all the client’s requirements. Now, Patio Florencia Resort has a website that has helped increase their popularity and has made different tasks easier for them such as the documentation and cost assessment of their customers’ events. To view the client’s site, click here

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