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Home Run Homes help people Find a Rent to Own home, Sell a Rent to Own home,or to offer Home Services nationwide and globally to the thriving Rent to Own market.

Web Development
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization

Home Run Homes is truly the central meeting place for buyers, sellers, and home service providers. Since 2002, we have been the Premier website for Rent to Own, Lease Option, and Lease Purchase Homes, and we are one of the highest ranked websites for Rent to Own Homes on Google, MSN, and many more locations on the Internet.

Magento E-Commerce System


Home Run Homes, a classified ads website, came to DCGWS with two distinct goals in mind: to efficiently help people find a rent to own home, to sell a rent to own home, and to offer home services nationwide and globally with the help of the internet. DCGWS provided a website, a MySQL, followed by search engines optimization to increase his sales.


DCGWS team began the process by fully understanding what the client needs. The company was tasked to add specific sidebar modules that the client wanted and to modify the homepage in such a way that it will be a factor for the success of the client’s business.

DCGWS Creative team made mockup designs based on the plans, which were then turned into real website pages. The entire process was optimized to ensure that customers could transact quickly and easily. The content that was provided includes:

Tips and recommendations
Suggest how to use the site effectively.
Provide multiple images
Provide video and Plug-ins for social media

After the e-commerce website launched, SEO team started implementation of a search engine optimization.


Home Run Homes is now the leading classified ad site “rent to own homes”.
Jan, 2012 – Home Run Homes was featured in the Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine “Look for Community Appeal”.

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