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JD Lasica started his family tree last 1998 after meeting his relatives who are new in US, Canada, Poland, Germany, Australia, Hawaii and other places. He then created a system that will help tract his family’s origin and his other relatives.

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JD Lasica requested DCGWS to create a website that consists of a relationship chart showcasing all his relatives. Currently, the family tree comprises of 600 people. The main goal of the website is to have a systematic online family tree that allows users to easily sort people’s names, find closest family members, and share stories or tributes.


Knowing how much JD values his family and relatives, the team created a family tree that has a superior visual quality and excellent functionality.


JD’s main objectives for the online family tree have been achieved. Through the family tree, the family’s beautiful stories are now shared to the public. To view the client’s site, click here

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