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Gnana, a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge and pure awareness, is a well-funded startup in stealth mode at the intersection of intelligent relationship management, machine learning, and capital optimization.

Web Development
PSD to HTML Conversion

Gnana is especially fond of people who are hands on and willing to roll up their sleeves, but also want to grow with the business into leadership roles.



Paul Chang has asked DCGWS to work with another company, Gnana. Since Gnana did not have a website before, the owners needed to make a mark on the World Wide Web. This is the main objective of DCGWS: making a great first impression.


The client needed a website; this was fully understood by the DCGWS team. Since the client already had a design, the only thing the team had to do was to convert it to a website page. After gathering the designs and making some revisions, the team turned the client’s designs into a fully developed site.


Gnana now has an improved design
Usability has greatly increased
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