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Cosmetic Clinic specializes in the cosmetic treatment for the face with injectables and peels. They strive for natural skin improvement. The believe that every skin is different and requires its own approach so they tailored the treatments to the skin condition to get the desired result.

PSD to WordPress Conversion
WordPress Plug ins
Web Design

They have a rigorous selection process and train the physicians themselves. All their doctors are BIG registered and affiliated with the Dutch Society of Cosmetic Medicine

PSD to WordPress Conversion
WordPress Plug in
Web Design


The client wanted to have a redesign and development of their old website. This time with the use of WordPress. To be able to make the ideas into a reality, the team has decided to go through a simple but wonderful website design and interface that includes adding WordPress plug-ins that work well for their company.


DCGWS started to do Cosmetic Clinic with a design that not only looks good but also easy to navigate. After that, the design was then coded to the pages through WordPress. Then the team added plug-ins that are necessary for the website.


Cosmetic Clinic’s website is now worth visiting.

To view the client’s site, click here.

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