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Age Management Panama are committed to helping their patients enjoy an optimal quality of life that allows them to be mentally sharp, physically fit and disease resistant.

Graphic Design
Web Development
User Interface Design / User Experience Design
Search Engine Optimization

Age Management Panama is helping patients realize remarkable health goals: boosting energy and sexuality, reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle, improving cholesterol scores, strengthening immune systems, lifting moods, managing stress and improving cognitive function. The clinic is carefully bridging the gap between conventional medicine and a scientifically-based, proactive approach to preventive care.



Age Management Panama, a very prestigious medical institution in Panama, came to DCGWS to ask help in rebuilding their website. Their website was not fulfilling the goals set forth by their medical institution, such as to promote their services.


The project started with a thorough evaluation of the old site to identify the improvements needed to be done.

The findings indicated that the old site was unorganized, has broken links, and there were articles hidden from the audience. The team has concluded that this type of set up is ineffective as it resulted to higher bounce rates and lesser time on site.

DCGWS built them a website that uses the latest interactive technology to deliver a compelling experience to their audiences. Furthermore, DCGWS also identified all the administrative challenges within the medical institution and built a system that would solve these problems.


Manual operation for assessing the client’s conditions was minimized.
Their site became more interesting and user-friendly.
Their new full-featured site provided their audience a chance to see what the Age Management Panama can do for them, not only as individual but as productive adults.
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