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HREFLANG Tags Pro is smart implementation of hreflang meta tags into the head section of your WordPress site.

License Fee: 1 Year Free Updates and Customer Support
Current Version: 1.6.4
Permanent Price Reduction: Now just $9.99



Our HREFLANG Tags Pro for WordPress plugin features smart implementation of hreflang tags into the head section of your WordPress site.

If you run a WordPress site with targeted pages for different countries and/or languages, this plugin is for you.

HREFLANG Tag implementation is strongly recommended by Google*.


  • Creates a new meta box under Posts, Pages and Categories named HREFLANG
  • Supports all languages that WordPress supports
  • Integrates with WordPress MU
  • HTML GeneratorGenerate HTML code instantly for use on your non-WordPress websites
  • Improved* Bulk EditorSave yourself the hassle of opening each page, post or product one-by-one and use this tool to update all your entries in one convenient location. New with version 1.4.5+, improved Bulk Editing capabilities, including the ability to save and delete all your HREFLANG Tags in one click. Comes with a Master Template that you can use to set all your posts and pages default tags in one click!
  • Validation ToolTest your hreflang implementation directly fron the meta box you are working from. No more external tools or waiting for Google to index your pages
  • HTML Language AttributeFor improved SEO, you can now set the <html lang=””> per post or page. New in version 1.4.5+
  • Bulk Validation ToolDo you use our Bulk Editor to enter all of your tags? If so, you no longer have to check the validation results page-by-page. View all of your validation results in one place with our brand new Bulk Validation Tool. New in version 1.6.0+

What does Google say about hreflang tags?

Watch the video below to see what Google says about using hreflang tags

(READ: Learn more about the hreflang tags and about our popular HREFLANG Tags Lite plugin with over 5,000 active installs)

What do I get with HREFLANG Tags Pro?

  1. You get our latest version of HREFLANG Tags Pro
  2. FREE installation and implementation support
  3. You get free upgrades for 1 year
  4. You get free Premium support for 1 year

Very good plugin works without errors, it is checked in the Google Search Console. Thank you, David!

Sincerely, Vladimir Shatalov

HTML Generator for non-WordPress sites (Pro version only)

You can instantly generate the HTML code to copy and paste on your static HTML websites.

Please watch this short video demonstration of the HREFLANG Tags Generator for HTML sites.

Who should use this plugin?

Google recommends the use of hreflang tags if the any of the following are true:*

  • You keep the main content in a single language and translate only the template, such as the navigation and footer. Pages that feature user-generated content, like forums, typically do this.
  • Your content has small regional variations with similar content in a single language. For example, you might have English-language content targeted to the US, GB, and Ireland.
  • Your site content is fully translated. For example, you have both German and English versions of each page.

*Source: Search Console Help (Google)

Bulk Editor (Pro version only)

You can access all your pages and posts here and add your hreflang tags, all in one convenient place.

Please watch this short video demonstration of the HREFLANG Tags Bulk Editor.

Common Mistakes

Important: Make sure that your provided hreflang value is actually valid. Take special care in regard to the two most common mistakes:

Missing confirmation links: If page A links to page B, page B must link back to page A. If this is not the case for all pages that use hreflang annotations, those annotations may be ignored or not interpreted correctly.

Incorrect language codes: Make sure that all language codes you use identify the language (in ISO 639-1 format) and optionally the region (in ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format) of an alternate URL. Specifying the region alone is not valid.

Validation Tool (Pro version only)

Now you can test your hreflang tags directly from the meta box.

Please watch this short video demonstration of the HREFLANG Tags Validation Tool.

Questions before you buy? Feel free to contact us for pre-sales questions.

Not ready to buy and would like to try out our Lite version? Download HREFLANG Tags Lite from the WordPress repository.

*This plugin satisfies the requirement mentioned under International Targeting in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster’s Tools). Google has not endorsed this plugin.

6 reviews for HREFLANG Tags Pro for WordPress

  1. Steven

    There were a few kinks in the earlier versions, but David and his team fixed them right away and the latest version works perfectly. Google verified!

  2. Aaron

    Good plugin. Easy to use and Google finds the code. Pro version has better features than Lite version. Affordable and works like a charm.

  3. Lucinda

    Actually, David emailed me and asked me if I would be willing to review his plugin, and I agreed. I am also a plugin developer so I asked him if I could review his code, as well as review the functionality of the plugjn.

    The code is clean, documented and it’s obvious these guys have developed WordPress plugins before. The functions are pluggable, so you can modify the functionality without having to touch the source code.

    The plugin works well and my tests all validated with Google Search Console.

    All in all, a great plugin. Thoroughly recommended.

  4. Vladimir

    This is a great plugin that does exactly what it claims. Great for SEO!

  5. Anette

    Great plugin, easy to use and fast support!

    I bought the PRO version as I am a wordpress and html beginner, who needed help with the HREFLANG tags on my multi-language site. I would definitely recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to improve their SEO. The plugin make it very easy to implement the href language tags without having to get into the source codes yourself.

    I bumped into some problems and contacted David, who helped me straight away to fix the problem. Really great support and engagement!

    The plugin has also now new features that make it even easier to change your site’s html language. Thanks David!

  6. Martin

    Bought the plugin, had some questions after the install: They answered after a couple seconds, driving me trough the install and settings. Perfect customer service!!

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